How to Find Creative Commons Images for your Blog

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4977096245 4ae1749a23 q How to Find Creative Commons Images for your Blog If you are a blogger then one of the ‘annoying’ tasks that pops up is finding quality images to go with your post.

Images are important for every blog post – if you don’t have an image it can really detract and won’t be anywhere near as inviting to your readers.

It just seems to be part of human nature that a blog post with a nice image will do much better than without the image. Better in what way? Views, engagement, social media sharing, links etc.

So if you are looking for images under a Creative Commons license, ie images you can use if you attribute correctly – try the following.

1. Flickr Creative Commons

Creatives Commons Official Search

Wikimedia (Wikipedia) Commons Search

Really, the Flickr tool is the most usable and has a vast amount of images.

If you are not exactly sure on what Creative Commons is – and the various licenses available, see this page for an explanation:

Do you have any good Creative Commons image sources to share with us? Please let us know.

Image via futureshape

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