Instagram Hipsters Named For Hamilton Island InstaMeet

on November 16, 2012 | Instagram | Comments (0)

hamiltonislandig Instagram Hipsters Named For Hamilton Island InstaMeet

Image via HamiltonIsland

Starting late next week, the Hamilton Island Instagram marketing campaign will kick into overdrive as the selected celebrity users, ambassadors and competition winners will head up to the island to start their pilgrimage.

So who are these lucky Instagram users heading up to Hamilton Island?

These are the high profile ambassadors helping the campaign:

The Australian Competition Winners joining the promotion are:

Along with 2 hand picked Australian ambassadors – Lauren Bath @laurenepbath_ih and Pauly Vella @paulyvella

The winners flying out from America are:

It will be exciting to follow all these accounts and watch their photos from 23 – 25 November when the Ultimate InstaMeet is happening at Hamilton Island.

Make sure to also follow the official @HamiltonIsland account.

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