Most Popular person on Google + Social Network?

You may think it would be Google executives Larry Page or Sergey Brin.

but nope, incorrect.

The most popular person on the Google + Social Network is Mark Zuckerberg. You can check out this profile at the below link and his ‘follow/friend’ count is dwarfing anyone else on the network –

There are several other Facebook executives checking out the new Google Social Product.

Brett Taylor –

Alex Schultz –

Naomi Gleit –

Peter Deng –

+ several other engineers, designers and software developers from Facebook.

But for some reason they don’t seem to be posting much.. icon smile Most Popular person on Google + Social Network?

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  • james

    you may think some of these guys are popular but most of these accounts have now been set to private.

    the update happened yesterday, also I think a few fake accounts have been removed like Zukerbergs one.

  • David Cowling

    Looks like Mark's profile, as above is still open.

    Robert Scoble confirmed it's real on Twitter –!/Scobleizer/status/87321128