Social Media Statistics Australia – June 2014

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It’s time to post our monthly stats report showing the most popular social networks in Australia over June 2014.

Social Media Statistics Australia – June 2014

1. Facebook – 13,200,000 users (steady, according to Ad tool)
2. YouTube – 12,750,000 UAVs
3. – 6,300,000
4. Tumblr – 4900,000
5. LinkedIn – 3,700,000
6. Blogspot – 2,950,000
7. Twitter - 2,500,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation)
8. Instagram - 1,600,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation)
9. TripAdvisor – 1,450,000
10. Yelp – 1,200,000
11. Snapchat - 1,070,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation).
12. Tinder – 1,000,000 Australian users (my estimation *revised*)
13. Flickr – 740,000
14. Pinterest – 380,000
15. MySpace – 165,000
16. Reddit – 160,000
17. Google Plus – approx 65,000 monthly active Australian users (my estimation *revised*)
18. StumbleUpon – 55,000
19. Foursquare – 33,000
20. Digg – 22,000
21. Delicious – 20,000

(All figures represent the number of Unique Australian Visitors [UAVs] to that website over the monthly period unless otherwise stated).

Key Points To Note:

  • Growth in user numbers is fairly static across the social networks in Australia. We see small movements up and down each month for the more popular social networks.  We don’t expect this trend to change.
  • For the month, Facebook did not report any gain in users.
  • Blogging sites such as WordPress and Tumblr remain popular as some users shift from traditional social media channels to more creative platforms that allow much more customisation and hosting of content.
  • There has been some speculation around the industry that apps like Tinder, Grinder etc get over 1 million Australian visitors/users per month. Getting Australian app data is near impossible so when hearing such figures, take them with a grain of salt. But I do believe popular iTunes/Android apps in Australian can top 1 million users per month, just look at Instagram, Snapchat etc.
  • A few people have asked me, I think Tinder has probably got over 1 million Australian sign-ups, but how many are using the app now? I think user churn is significant on this platform.

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Stats courtesy: Vivid Social Research DivisionFigures correct as of 30/06/14.

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