Social Media Statistics Australia – March 2015

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Today we post our third stats report for the year, looking at the most popular social networks used by Australians over March 2015.

Social Media Statistics Australia – March 2015

1. Facebook – 14,000,000 users (up 200,000)
2. YouTube – 13,600,000 UAVs
3. – 6,000,000
4. Tumblr – 4,800,000
5. Instagram – 4,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (Facebook/ Instagram data)
6. LinkedIn – 3,400,000
7. Blogspot – 2,800,000
8. Twitter – 2,791,300 Active Australian Users (see calculation)
9. WhatsApp – 2,400,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation below)
10. TripAdvisor – 2,000,000
11. Tinder – 1,500,000 Australian users (my estimation)
12. Yelp – 1,500,000
13. Snapchat - 1,070,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation).
14. Flickr – 700,000
15. Pinterest – 350,000
16. Reddit – 160,000
17. MySpace – 120,000
18. Google Plus – approx 60,000 monthly active Australian users (my estimation *revised*)
19. StumbleUpon – 50,000
20. Foursquare/Swarm – 25,000
21. Digg – 18,000
22. Delicious – 16,000

(All figures represent the number of Unique Australian Visitors [UAVs] to that website over the monthly period – unless otherwise stated above).

Feel free to view our report for February to compare the figures with last month.

WhatsApp User Numbers in Australia

According to this report, 65% of the Australian population are mobile internet users.

A following report shows that 16% of these mobile internet users are active on WhatsApp.

65% of 23 milion Australians = 14,950,000 mobile internet users.

16% of 14,950,000 = 2.4 million (approx) active WhatsApp users in Australia.

Thanks to Kapil Bhatia in Sydney for the tip (he is currently looking for opportunities in the social/digital industry), so feel free to contact/ connect with him on LinkedIn.

Key Points to Note:

  • Every year after the summer holidays we do generally see an increase in Facebook’s user numbers. This comes down to both new users signing up as they reach the required 13 year age limit, and also people older who have decided to sign up. Due to Facebook’s deep penetration the user base is always increasing as the population grows.
  • YouTube sees slight increase
  • LinkedIn also sees a ‘post summer holiday’ increase in visitors

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Stats courtesy: Vivid Social Research DivisionFigures correct as of 31/03/15.

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