Social Media Statistics Australia – October 2011

Today is Halloween, October 31st! but its still that time of the month where we collate our monthly Social Media statistics for the most popular social media and networking sites in Australia.

As per previous months, when compiling this report we look at actual users numbers if officially reported (Google released official stats on Google Plus, Facebook has a tool that shows real-time user number data) – otherwise we look at the number of Unique Australian Visitors Per Month visiting the site (UAVs / mo).

We also track any movement from the previous month in terms of increase or decrease in user numbers.

Social Media Statistics Australia – October 2011

1. Facebook – 10,659,580 users in Australia (up 30,980)
2. Youtube – 10 million UAVs / mo (up 100,000)
3. Blogspot – 4.1 UAVs / mo (down 500,000)
4. LinkedIn – 2.2 million UAVs / mo (up 400,000)
5. – 1.8 million UAVs / mo (down 200,000)
6. Twitter – 1.8 million UAVs / mo (up 200,000)
7. Flickr – 1.1 million UAVs / mo (down 200,000)
8. Tumblr – 1 million UAVs / mo (steady)
9. MySpace – 620,000 UAVs / mo (down 310,000)
10. Google Plus – 502,272 Users (Calculation here)
11. Reddit – 160,000 UAVs / mo (up 60,000)
12. StumbleUpon – 150,000 UAVs / mo (steady)
13. Digg – 93,000 UAVs / mo (down 7,000)
14*. Foursquare 63,000 UAVs / mo (up 1,000)
15. Delicious – 69,000 UAVs / mo (up 22,000)
16*. Gowalla – no data, May 2011 was 9,500 UAVs / mo

Key Points to note

  • Facebook continues to grow in Australia, with over 30,000 new people registering accounts over the last month.
  • LinkedIn has had a big jump over the last month.
  • Twitter numbers have also had a significant increase in Australian visitors to their site.
  • MySpace has had a big drop. Many expect this to continue falling each month till it ‘bottoms out’. I am try to ascertain what their base level of active users in Australia may be.
  • Google Plus has dropped by 100,000 as new figures by Google give us more accurate figures than our previous calculation from 3rd party sources.
  • Reddit has had a big jump of 60,000 new visitors to their site.
  • Geolocation mobile application, Foursquare is holding steady, up 1,000 Australian visitors from September.

You can check our figures for September if you’d like to see last months exact numbers. Our list of sites is always changing as new social media websites and apps gain significant presence in Australia. I am keeping a close eye on visitor numbers for Instagram and a number of other mobile apps/ sites.

Feel free to contact us if you can think of any social media sites we should be including in the monthly stats update. Thanks for reading!

Want more stats? Visit our archive of Social Media Statistics. You can source our stats on your site if you attribute us with a link back to this page, or our homepage – as per our Creative Commons License CC BY-ND 3.0.

Stats courtesy: Google DoubleClick Ad Planner tool and

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