Why CFOs and Lawyers arn’t using social media?

CFOs and Lawyers have displayed a slow uptake when it comes to using social media for marketing and promoting their services/expertise.

Many think it is out of their scope/desires. Some financial and legal people think the leads and contacts they get from social media would be of no value. Many are just too busy to even give it a shot and actually find out the benefits of social media. They need to realise that marketing and displaying informatino in this way can generate strong qualified leads and promote themselves as professionals and subject matter experts in their field. No longer can these businesses just rely on brand awareness/ building to reap the success of their marketing efforts.

The internet is a very direct tool and some Lawyers and Financial professionals that have embraced social media are benefiting from the increased interest and professional advice from these businesses, ultimately turning into leads and sales.

The main social media channels used by professionals today are embraces Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Leading law firms have started using social media if only to attract young legal graduates.

If you are seen by your clients or prospects as trying something different, that will often receive attention in your favour.

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