YouTube Launches Off-Site Subscribe Buttons For Your YouTube Channel

on July 24, 2013 | Youtube | Comments (1)

youtube256 YouTube Launches Off Site Subscribe Buttons For Your YouTube Channel

If you have a YouTube Channel and use the service extensively, you will be happy to hear that today YouTube has created off-site subscribe buttons – allowing developers to add the ‘Subscribe Button’ to external websites encouraging more user subscribes.

Previously the only way to subscribe to someone’s channel was on the YouTube site itself, whereas now Video producers can promote their channel on any website.

You can create your own buttons at the following link: (all your need is your channel username)

YouTube gives you the option for several different layouts and button sizes, and the code required to display them on your site.

I used to do weekly video blogs on YouTube and you can see an example of my channel subscribe button (feel free to subscribe, just don’t expect much at the moment):

(I have stopped the video blogs for now.)

However for more popular video bloggers this will give them to tools to become even more popular and gain subscribers from other websites and marketing mediums.

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  • Damien

    FYI – You could always subscribe offsite seee video widget (half way down the page) I implemented ages ago at
    This features does make it easier and you dont have to mask anything.