20 Awesome Tips to increase your Alexa Rank

on July 8, 2011 | Alexa | Comments (2)

11. Search Engine Optimise all the Alexa articles on your Blog so that when people are running web searches to improve their Alexa rank you show towards the top of the search results page. If you can’t do this for, concentrate on your local google site.

12. Create trackbacks on your Blog. Web savvy users often click on trackback links and there is a chance some of these will have the Alexa Toolbar installed.

13. Look at the highest trafficked landing pages on your blog. These are pages that are generating a lot of organic traffic from search engines. Prioritise your Alexa articles on these pages and the installation of your customer Alexa Toolbar.

14. Post messages about your Alexa Rank on Social Media sites like Twitter and StumbleUpon. This tech savvy crowd may click through to your site and some of these users may have the toolbar installed.

15. Whilst this may not directly help your Alexa rank, claim your site on Alexa, fill in all the information and contact details. This will make your Alexa listing look as professional as possible and may get repeat visitors to your site who have the toolbar installed.

16. Submit your website to high quality web directories. Generally web directories have high Alexa rank as mainly webmasters are visiting them. Make sure you use high quality web directories though as search engines now penalise low quality directories.

17. Do guest blogging on high traffic websites that also have a high Alexa rank. Include a couple links in your guest blog post that point back to your site and you should get good traffic coming through to your site whom have the toolbar installed.

18. Write a Press Release about your own Alexa rank and submit it to leading press release services. Webmasters who see the title of your article may be inclined to read the article and click through to your website.

19. Write a Squidoo lens on webmaster topics and include links back to your site with more information about these topics. Also consider writing a Squidoo lens specifically on increasing your Alexa rank with links back to your site for more info.

The best Tip to increase your Alexa Rank:

20. Write blog posts and articles about how to increase your Alexa rank. Many users who have the Alexa Toolbar installed are always looking for new ways to increase their rank.

We hope your quest to increase your Alexa Rank is helped by our above points. If you have any tips you would like to share please do. I have researched this topic thoroughly and believe I have all the main quality points down.

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