3 Simple Strategies For Your Social Media Tactics

As the amount of time consumers spend on the internet and social media platforms grow, there is good reason for a business to want to jump right into social media.  Having a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter profile is definitely a good start, but executing good strategies and plans on social media is rarely done.

If you’re a small business trying to build your social media presence, there are three strategies you should consider:

1. Find Your Relevant Audience

Many companies make the mistake of trying to get as many fans and supporters as they can. While this is certainly attractive, the 1,000 fans who have barely heard of your brand are not very useful.

You do not want to waste an effort in certain social platforms if your audience is not active. Update your Facebook status three times a day is not really useful, if your audience does not really use Facebook.

2. Engage Your Audience

So you have a qualified audience for your brand on social networks. Now, you need to keep their interest! tweets Create and share links that can help make your audience. Example. If you have an audience of sports, sharing of sports news in question is something that involves your audience that you always make it interesting.

Add personality to your messages, providing a quick review before the links, or a smiley at the end of some updates. Always answer any question to you through these platforms over time. On Twitter messages specifically retweeting supporters is interesting is a great way to engage and activate. In addition, you should always be sure to tell your audience something to go with your brand.

This includes steps, product launches and special offers that you can run.

3. Always Stay Alive!

There is nothing worse than your social presence stop for a week. Since the presence of a ghost town during a week can definitely hurt social growth, current and potential customers do not like the dark. You can always use a free tool such as HootSuite to schedule tweets and status information. Social media is certainly an effective tactic if used correctly.

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