7 Tips to make your LinkedIn Profile more Professional

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I have recently been thinking – how do you stand out on LinkedIn?

How can we make our presence on LinkedIn look more professional than the average person so we stand out and can get more business?

After coming across so many profiles that lack detail, credibility and basic interest I put down some points I believe will make you look more professional and attract interest, contact and build your personal credibility.

1. Have a proper photo/ headshot

Obvious. Have a quality photo – not some photo of half your body, wearing sunglasses, sitting on the beach drinking a cocktail. A proper headshot on a clear background.

2. Only connect with people you know

Colleagues, friends, customers, industry participants – Don’t connect with every single person you can just to boost your numbers. Don’t accept requests from random people overseas in an unrelated industry.

The exception to this is when you are doing business development – then you may reach out to people you don’t necessarily know. Yes many people use LinkedIn as a starting point in the business development cycle. But if you were the person being reached out to (from a stranger) – would you always connect?

3. Delete Spammers

If people are spamming your newsfeed or groups – delete/ report them. There is no problem with a little self promotion for your company or product, but LinkedIn does have its fair share of abusers and spammers. Put these people in their place.

4. Keep your profile up to date

If you work for several different companies, list them all on your profile. Make sure each company has a LinkedIn Company Page and make sure all your colleagues have the correct company name listed on your profile so this is reflected on the Company Page employees.

Make sure that your personal profile lists all your experience, previous jobs, current skills and projects. This is important if a prospective clients comes across your profile – they don’t want to see a blank page, they want to see some detail.

5. Use Groups to spread your expertise and personal branding

Firstly, don’t join a huge number of groups that you don’t participate in. Join groups that you actually want to participate in. Regular and consistent participation is the key. You will develop meaningful professional relationships from spreading your information and experience through various LinkedIn Groups.

6. Work on your Elevator Pitch

In your headline, or the top of your summary can you create a great ‘Elevator Pitch’ that will entice people to connect and contact you?

7. Ask your good customers for a Recommendation

If you have had the opportunity to work for nice people – ask them for a LinkedIn recommendation. I make sure I connect with everyone I’ve done business with on LinkedIn – no exception. Of those people, see who would be happy to leave you a public recommendation.

Would you like to see a quality example of a LinkedIn profile – see here
: )

Any tips you would add? Let us know in the comments below.

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