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on September 21, 2011 | Alexa | Comments (8)

Alexa has recently rolled out some new analytics products and also created 2 new visual icons on Alexa Listings.

If you are a webmaster you may have noticed the change about a week ago when Alexa added a Claimed and Certified badge/link on all websites.

Here is how it looks:

alexa certified claimed

Alexa Certified and Claimed links

To get the Claimed Badge, you can simply claim your site with Alexa here:

The advantage of this is you are able to customise your Alexa listing somewhat, and also add in your contact information which can be useful for people wanting to advertising on your site or make contact.

To get the Certified Badge you need to buy a monthly analytics subscription with Alexa.

Currently they have 2 packages available:

– Basic Package, covers 1 website, $9.99USD per month
– Advanced Package, deep reporting covering 1 website, $149USD per month

The reason I find studying my Alexa Rank useful is because the data provided is unique to Google Analytics and shows demographic information Eg age, gender, education metrics.

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