Alexa Rank Train

on August 12, 2011 | Alexa | Comments (0)

Here we go, another post about Alexa. Why? Well I just seem to be overly obsessed about achieving an Alexa rank under 100k.

In the Social Media world you often hear the word train. But no we are not referring about transportation – we are referring to community, a community that is active, participating and most importantly – help each other out.

You may often hear the term Twitter Follow Train, Facebook Like Train. These are basically systems where – I like you, you like me – I follow you, you follow me.

Well I am looking to create an Alexa Rank Train.

If you are a webmaster, especially one in the technology/ advertising/ marketing/ social media space – your Alexa rank is somewhat important to some people. Some people will judge your website and reputation initially by your Google Page Rank, and your Alexa Rank.

Simply, post your website address in the comments below, and visit everyone elses link. I have the Alexa toolbar installed and I will visit your site and your rank will go up a tiny bit – if we all do it, then out Alexa Rank will get much better!! 🙂

This may seem like a ridiculous idea to some people, I appreciate that – but I think this experiment will be interesting to webmasters who have an Alexa Rank greater than 100,000 and genuinely have an interest in Alexa.

Obviously to be part of this experiment you need to have the Alexa Toolbar installed. You can download it here: or you can download our custom made Alexa toolbar here:

I am interested to see how an influx of Alexa users to your site impacts your 7 day Alexa ranking.

Increase your Alexa Rank today and become part of this experiment.

Thank you for your participation 🙂

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