Alexa Rank under 10,000?

on September 14, 2011 | Alexa | Comments (0)

I was researching sites on Alexa last night, mainly looking at highly trafficked sites with an Alexa Rank under 10,000.

Normally if you view a website with some traffic you will get to see the following Traffic Rank stats:

– 3 Month Average
– 1 Month Average
– 7 Day Average

If you have a website which is consistently getting a 3 month rank under 10,000 then Alexa will also show the Traffic Rank for: Yesterday

This is particularly interesting when looking at a sites fluctuation in rank over weekend periods, public holidays and so on.

If you have minimal traffic, then you may only get a 3 month rank – or nothing at all. Something interesting I noticed is that on weekends Facebook often getting traffic rank of 1 (ie most popular site on the Internet), and is 2. This seems plausible as on the weekend we are sitting around, surfing Facebook – whereas during the week it would be more business people running web searches (and less time on Facebook!).

Alexa specifically say that the better your Alexa Rank, the more accurate their stats on your site become – so webmasters it’s in your interest to get a great Alexa Rank.

If you work in the Social Media world, an Alexa Toolbar is a highly valuable piece of information on any website you visit. You want to find out roughly how popular the site is and what sort of audience is visiting – therefore why don’t you download the Alexa Toolbar

We hope you enjoy our Alexa tips, you can be assured we got plenty more coming.

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