Alexa updating your Site Details & Contact Info

on July 11, 2011 | Alexa | Comments (0)

If you are a webmaster and a regular user of you may find this article useful.

As a website owner you can claim your site on Alexa and update your site/owner contact details, such as:

– name
– address
– email
– phone number
– website description
– further company information is desired

or any combination of the above.

You may now be wondering how long does it take Alexa to update your public listing data? All of these details show under the ‘contact info’ tab on your Alexa listing (except for the website description which displays next to the URL).

I think if you are a high traffic site with a big reputation/ internet presence then Alexa may pay quicker attention to your site details update request. In some cases they even do a WHOIS search and use those details if you haven’t specifically updated your site details inside the Alexa admin area.

However if you are just an regular website I think the average time it takes Alexa to update your site details is roughly 2 weeks after you submit the info. I have come to this conclusion after updating several sites in the Alexa website owners’ admin section.

Including your contact details on your Alexa listing has several advantages in my opinion, such as:

– inviting other webmasters to contact you
– inviting advertiser enquiries
– makes your site look more professional
– inviting guest bloggers to contact you

If you have a good quality site that is making you money, I would encourage you to claim your website on and update the contact info and site details.

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