Are you Building a Reputation with your Social Media Use?

on May 25, 2012 | Social Media | Comments (1)

When it comes to internet marketing, there is a lot of comfort in numbers, and this is the kind of comfort that social media networks can help your reputation to achieve. All the social media networks can boast of having more than billion members combined and this is a number that cannot be ignored. Any businessperson can comfortably build their reputation through social media networks. The good news is that unlike other campaigns, social media networks do not necessarily require individuals to have deep pockets. This is because social media networks are free to join or subscribe to, and the individual or company will simply have to invest their time and effort in building their reputation through these networks.

We listen to Friend Recommendations, not Company Recommendations 

Research has revealed that people are more likely to trust what other consumers tell them than what a company or businessperson says. This is where social media networks play the biggest role as they are built on the concept of community and sharing information with friends and family. If an individual or company can get people to vouch for their product or service, then they will surely succeed in building their reputation in social media networks.

Social Networks are Real-time Communication Methods

In social media networks, words spread faster than a bushfire and it can take less than an hour for information to spread across the globe. Individuals and companies should use this to their advantage by ensuring that only the best is said about them on social media networks.

Reputation Building takes Time 

There are various tips that will help individuals and companies to build their reputation through social media networks. The first thing that they should do is to create an online community that revolves around that person and their company.  This following is usually based on loyal customers who have been satisfied by their services before, or by curious individuals who like the content on the individual’s or company’s webpage. After creating this community through a page on social media networks, the individual or company should ensure that they post regularly on the various sites. They should make sure that they have interesting and engaging posts with links back to their website. The content on their websites should also be informative and interesting in order to ensure that the people who follow you or subscribe to your page can become repeat traffic and loyal customers in the future. This is because content rules, and content is what will ensure that you are king in your online community.

Gain Trust from your Followers 

The purpose of engaging your followers or consumers through informative and interesting content is to gain their trust. Most individuals do not trust businesspeople or corporations, and they usually find it very hard to swipe their cards because of this. However, if the individual or company is able to earn their trust through constantly communicating with them, then the results will eventually show as their reputation will soar.

Be Authentic 

In order to build your reputation through social media networks, it is important to be credible and authentic at all times. It is important to stay true to the brand that you are representing as well as the mission and goals of the business. It is also important to participate in various discussions in order to show your followers or subscribers that you are listening to them and that you care about what they say.

Your true fans will back you up 

Social media networks are the best places to get a loyal following that can stand by you and defend you when necessary. Therefore, when another company or an individual posts something untrue about you, your following on the social media network will be up in arms to defend you, and this is a type of marketing and advertising that no other campaign can help you to achieve.

Understand the Potential 

Social media networks have emerged as one of the best places for individuals to build their reputation and to ensure that only good things are said about them. Information on social networks can go viral within minutes and if this information is positive, it can do wonders to your reputation. All companies should therefore realize the part that social media networks can play in reputation building. They should then invest their time and effort in ensuring that they build their reputation through these social networks as this will ultimately translate to profit on their end.

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