Australian Businesses Using Social Media to gain new Customers and Clients

Social networking has proven its success around the world in being a useful marketing tool for businesses and organisations.

Australian internet users are also some of the highest users of social meida – we actually top the ranks globally in time spent on social media sites at around 8 hours per month for an average Australian internet user.

Now over 40 percent of Australian businesses have dipped into the social media realm to gain new business, improve customer service, branding, and improve customer/ client loyalty.

Research has shown that 43% of small businesses in Australia have attracted new customers through social media networks.

The market in the USA comes in second at 35% of businesses successfully using social media to generate new business leads. Generally Australia lags a few years behind the US and UK in adapting to new technologies – but in regards to social media that is definitely not the case.

We are now seeing around 25% of Australian businesses devoting marketing budgets and/or resources to social media and social networking.

This just goes to show that social media is becoming an important marketing and attraction medium for businesses, and becoming more and more popular.

If you are a small Australian business it’s a good idea to run a search on social platforms to see if you can find your competitors, and their tactics. Watch companies using social media successfully and see if you can learn anything from their techniques.

If you have not yet given social media marketing a go, don’t know where to start, or don’t have the budget to do so why not take advantage of our free social media marketing service.

We would be happy to get your campaign off to a start today so you can benefit from the increased interest to your business via social channels.

[stats courtesy OfficingToday]

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