Australian Google Plus User Numbers – August 2011

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It has been widely reported across the internet (ComScore data) that Google Plus now has 25 million registered users. Basically anyone can get into the system now if someone else using the site invites them. If you are looking for a Google + invite, leave your email in the comments field below (in the email field if you wish – which is invisible to everyone but me) and I will invite you.

I am trying to find some user numbers for Australia but it has not been an easy task.

Can I however make the following assumption – the Geographic spread of Facebook users compared to Google Plus users would be about the same?

Ie, according to there are 10,475,340 Facebook users in Australia making up 1.45% of the total Facebook population.

Google Plus now has 25 million members worldwide, and the Australian segment of this (1.45% of 25 million) would be 362,500 Australian’s on Google Plus.

Now this is very much an estimation, but gives you some indication of how Google Plus has been adopted in Australia.

Lets solely compare Australian Facebook users v Australian Google Plus users

Total Australian users (Facebook + Google Plus) = 10,475,340 + 362,500 = 10,837,840
Facebook Market Share in Australia = 96.655%
Google Plus Market share in Australia = 3.345%

Here is a quick graph to give you a visual of Google Plus v Facebook in Australia.

Google Plus v Facebook Australia
Google Plus is one of the quickest websites in history to gain 25 million members (quicker than Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc) – however the problem Google faces is getting users more active. It seems a fair amount of users do not post updates regularly. Whereas with Facebook, activity is always fairly high.

We will keep track of how Google Plus grows over the coming months and will also add Google Plus stats to our monthly Social Media Statistics reporting.

If you have any feedback on the data please leave it in the comments section below.

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