Australian Movie Review: The Tunnel

A new Australian Movie production is generating interest in the Social Web by using tactful strategies to promote the release of their new movie, The Tunnel.

The Tunnel, directed by Carlo Ledesma is an underground spook, almost Blair Witch like, and has been released simultaneously on BitTorrent, regular cinema release (Fox Studios/ Entertainment Quarter), 2 disc DVD set and also in iTunes, making it the only Australian movie available for download on the iPad.

The movie is set in the abandon underground train tunnels underneath Sydney CBD. As a team of reporters and cameramen gain access to the tunnels without permission, they soon find something in the tunnels stalking them as they scramble for a safe exit.

train station the tunnel movie

The cast are:

Andy Rodoreda playing TV producer Peter Ferguson
Bel Deliá playing Journalist Natasha Warner
Luke Arnold playing Sounder Recorder Tangles
Steve Davis playing TV Cameraman Steve Miller

I really did enjoy the character of Steve Miller as he was your typical light-hearted, beer drinking, joking around Aussie guy. But when it came to trouble, he did whatever he could to help his mates remain safe in the tunnels.

Steve Miller The Tunnel

The movie did remind me of the Blair Witch Project as I was ‘kept on the edge of my seat’ the whole time, but without the jittery handycam feel. Produced Enzo Tedeschi & Julian Harvey, and executive produced by Andrew Denton – they have done a great job using visual effects, lights, darkness in the scare scenes throughout the movie. Parts of the movie are shot in the train tunnels near St James, up at the South Head/ Gap in Vaucluse, Garden Island and Georges Head.

Every Sydney-sider should watch this movie.

Here is The Tunnel Trailer:

To find out more about this great Australian Movie check their Social Links:

The Tunnel Website –

Facebook Fan Page –

Twitter Profile –

the tunnel movie

The iPad version of the movie is a great way to watch the film in my opinion and only costs $9.99 AUD.

With the BitTorrent version the download is free, and if users like the movie then can buy a Frame for $1 (donation), or multiple frames if they wish. Frames can be purchased on their site here: or you can buy hard copy DVDs from their store at:

I’m no pro movie reviewer, but this is a great Australian movie we should watch and support as the producers look at a more social angles to promote their movie and encourage viral interaction.

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