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Facebook – Does it have a limit?

on August 17, 2011 | Facebook | Comments (2)
Facebook - Does it have a limit?

I highly doubt you’ve noticed but I’ve been missing recently, not anything exciting just super busy. Between touring around the United States and coordinating new online advertising strategies, I’ve been non-stop, not unlike Facebook. If you follow this incomparable source of social media news, you won’t have missed a beat, but if you, like myself […]

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Cut out the middle man….go direct!

Cut out the middle man....go direct!

I recently read an article in Business Review Weekly by Mark Bouris, a brilliant businessman with an extremely interesting business history, look into it. In the article he revealed that the strongest business asset he has are his advisors. The article was quite informative and detailed how advisors can help you identify pitfalls within your […]

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Social Media finally mounts Porn….online that is

Social Media finally mounts that is

Rarely do we discuss porn, well not at the family dinner table anyway, but its universal, and VERY popular. Oh please, you know it is, whether its for your own personal pleasure, or just a laugh with friends (we’ve all been there) its popular, ok. If you’re still not sure, every second, yes 1 second, […]

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Easter Eggs, Rabbits and Social Media – The Easter long weekend and your business

Easter Eggs, Rabbits and Social Media - The Easter long weekend and your business

There are many reasons to love Easter. The chocolate, the time off work, oh and of course the many religious reasons! It’s always great to get a couple days off to spend with your friends or family, or even work the entire time and get paid 500 times your normal wage. However, there’s one thing […]

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Checking up on Checking-In with Facebook

Checking up on Checking-In with Facebook

One of the awesome new, well relatively new, innovations from Facebook is ‘Check-In’s’. And of course when I say new innovations I mean the concept they ‘borrowed’ from Foursquare and Twitter. It’s strange really to think that people would want to alert their friends and stalkers to their current location, however, it’s become quite a […]

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