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on June 22, 2011 | iPad iPhone SEO | Comments (1)

I have been looking around at the best iPhone (and iPad) Search Engine Optimisation applications. In the world of SEO we are always looking for new unique tips to improve our search engine rankings and it seems SEO professionals are happy to give our their advice in free iPhone apps.

I have been going through the AppStore/ iTunes looking for useful apps that provide new search engine advice and tips I may not have come across.

Here is what I have found so far:

SEO Pro Lite – The difference between the Lite and Full version of this application is the number of websites you can configure. The lite version lets you audit one website which was enough for me.

I installed this app and entered in my URL. The app simply gave me back usual info such as Google Page Rank, Alexa/ Compete Rank, incoming links, and a summary of my meta data. I didn’t actually receive any SEO tips from this application so was not really impressed.

Website SEO Analyser (Site Analyser) – Whilst similar to SEO Pro Lite does offer some more useful metrics, such as page size (we know we should have a page size of less than 100kb), and also page load speed. Google now factors in page size and speed into determining your SEO rank therefore this is a particularly handy feature to have on your iPhone.

SEO Analysis Tool – This app is more feature rich similar to Website SEO Analyser, but also include a number of Social Media site stats for Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon. Also when you run a site audit it will display the website IP address and WhoIS details. The summary page provides a break down of possible advice you could implement in relation to keywords and backlinks. This is a useful app.

Reload Audit – is an application build by Australian company Reload Media. This is my favourite application as the interface is very pretty 🙂 and also when you run a site audit it gives you marks (percentage points) on your key SEO criteria – title tags, description, keywords and how relevant these are to your page content. You are then given an overall SEO % score. The app also shows any possible validation errors and W3C errors/ warnings. I like to use this app for several sites I come across to get a better understanding of how good their SEO is.

SEO Tips – This application has been built by one of Australia’s leading SEO agencies – Webprofits. Whilst the App doesn’t audit your site, they update the app daily (maybe business days only?) and give you a free SEO tips every day. Whilst some of the tips/advice have been fairly straightforward, I still want to hear what they say everyday as I am sure they have a few gems to tell us. The app can also send you the update by push notification.

It’s kind of like receiving an SMS everyday from someone giving you free SEO advice, why not?

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