Best Tip to increase your Alexa Rank

on June 30, 2011 | Alexa | Comments (0)

These-days many webmasters use to check traffic stats of a particular site they are visiting. This is done by having the Alexa Toolbar installed in your web browser, or looking up the URL directly on the Alexa website.

Whilst the Alexa ranking system is not all that accurate – it is an ‘ego boost’ / ‘branding rights’ for a website owner when their Rank gets really good. In my opinion, under 100,000 is a pretty good Alexa rank particularly if you just run a blog.

Many people are always looking for tips to increase your Alexa Rank, such as:

– Installing the Alexa Toolbar on your own computer
– Adding the available site widgets to your webpages
– Participating in forums
– Writing content specifically for webmasters or site owners, eg web design, SEO
– Making sure your posting frequency is high
– Commenting on other blogs and using social media to attract new traffic

These are all suitable tips if you are looking to increase visitors to your website and improve your Alexa rank.

However, if you really want quick results – here is our tip sure to get your improve your Alexa Rank quickly.

Consistently write blog posts and articles about Alexa.

Subscribe to get email updates from Alexa and when they release new features, products or news – blog about it.

I have found whenever I post an article about Alexa – my Rank for that day can be as good as 40,000 !

Want proof, well check out my Alexa Graph over the last week – 1 article about Alexa got a daily jump under 40,000.

Alexa Rank Proof
Many of you may think – why even bother with this, does this rank even mean anything? Well it does improve the ‘credibility’ of your site amongst webmasters and SEO professionals. Some advertisers will want to be on a site with a high Alexa rank – to promote their products/brand to webmasters etc.

Now we are not cheating the system by doing this, we are simply getting more visitors who have the toolbar installed visiting your site – therefore dramatically increasing your Rank.

I will try post a couple articles every week. Watch my rank! 🙂

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