Bing donating money to BP oil spill via Twitter

Bing is setting aside $100,000 USD to donate to help clean up the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

This effort is being lead through Twitter.

Bing has said if you Re-Tweet (RT) the following:

Retweet this & @Bing will donate $10 to @CNN’s Gulf Telethon up to $100K. More at #BingforGulf

You can keep tabs of how much activity this is generating by conducting a Twitter search for: #BingforGulf

This is a good way for Bing to contribute to the massive oil spill, but BP should really be going out of their way and devoting full resources to mend this devastating mess.

BP has also recently been sponsoring many ‘oil spill’ keywords on Bing, Yahoo and Google as a PR stunt in order to show the public what they are doing to fix the problem they have caused.

They have a long way to go in my opinion.

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  • FrankinSD

    The oil spill is nothing to laugh at but I just saw a kid wearing a t-shirt that cracked me up. BP – We're bring oil to America's shores. I died laughing because BP's billion dollar image change to their new sunflower logo is forever going to be associated with the worst environmental disaster to strike America.