Cost of mobile apps? Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Nokia, Palm

Its interesting to look at all the mobile smartphone Application stores and see the percentage of paid apps to free apps.

A recent report by Distimo has found that more than half of all paid applications are about $2 of less. BlackBerry is however the exception as they do not allow application less than $2.99. Windows Marketplace also follows this procedure and has the least amount of free apps at 22%.

Here is how the different Operating Systems and Phone makers stack up in App pricing (you will notice some stats are greater than 100%, this is because App makers changing their pricing during the reporting period).

Apple App Store iPad
23% free, 80% paid

Apple App Store iPhone
28% free, 73% paid

Apple App Store Universal
28% free, 75% paid

BlackBerry AppWorld
26% free, 75% paid

Google Android Marketplace
57% free, 43% paid

Nokia Ovi Store
26% free, 75% paid

Palm App Catalogue
34% free, 66% paid

Windows MarketPlace
22% free, 79% paid

The Android marketplace is the clear leader for most free apps, but some people have said the Android marketplace is not regulated enough with a lot of inefficient and undesirable apps floating around.

It seem like an average ratio of 25% free, 75% paid is being used by the mobile makers, Google being the exception and Palm also having almost 1/3 of apps free.

stats courtesy of Distimo

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