CPM Blog Advertising

Blog advertising is an effective way for publishers to make money off their websites through display advertising – however publishers first need to understand their price/worth in order to earn maximum profit from their blogs.

With display advertising the common metric to measure pricing is done by calculating the Cost Per 1000 websites impressions – CPM.

Sometimes the CPM rate can as high $3-4, but generally the average is $1-2 per 1000 impressions.

You do occassionaly hear of stories where prices can go as low at 10-20cents per 1000 impressions, or as high as $20.

The effective CPM rate comes down to the quality of the traffic being sold. For my purposes I am looking at people interested in advertising on a Social Media News website. This is fairly straightforward as there are many Social Media type products being sold on the internet, such as Twitter/ Facebook tools, Social Media management tools, Blog development tools, SEO/ Link building and website designing/ hosting.

The key to measuring your effective CPM rate is by looking at your audiences demographic information and reason to visiting your website – work, play, purchasing, learning? etc. But the general CPM rate for display advertising is $1-2 per 1000 impressions.

You then need to decide on the best advertising network to signup with when it’s time to monetise your blog. Google is obviously the most popular with Adsense for publishers, but it is worth noting there are a large number of other adnetworks, available some paying high CPM rates and being more niche  in the publishers they deal with than others. For pure banner display advertising I find (BSA) the best ad network besides Google, and a key point to note is they only except quality websites and have stringent guidelines for this. This often means better choice for advertisers and quality of traffic. I have found a CPM ratio of $1-2USD works well.

The key then is maximising your traffic as much as possible so effectively the time it takes to deliver 1000 website impressions gets quicker and quicker. Of course I’m using various social media channels to maximise traffic flow further. I have seen publishers on BSA making thousands of dollars per month from selling display advertising, and the great thing is BuySellAds do quick paypal payments.

When it comes to your Blog Advertising it’s good to explore all potential revenue channels as CPM is proving very effective for some websites.

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