Do Promoted Tweets work?

on February 9, 2012 | Twitter | Comments (0)

Twitter has been hard at work developing their ad products and one of these is  Promoted Tweets.

Over the last couple of week I have noticed this particular ad showing up in my Twitter feed:

Zoosk promoted tweet
I am not sure why this particular ad is showing to me – I’ve never followed Zoosk or sent them a tweet etc.

Anyway this Promoted Tweet was posted on the 19th of Jan and they use a link to track the stats. So I thought i’d examine the performance of this ad.

You can do this by clicking on this stats page for this link here:

As you can see, clicks started getting generated on the 19th of Jan and this ad may well indeed run through to 18/19th Feb.

As of today this Promoted Tweet has got just shy of 1200 Tweets (1194 at time of writing this article). Now considering Twitter charge big money for this product, is this value for money in terms of cost per click?

Some people say the Promoted Tweets range from $3000 – $20,000+?


Say by the 19th of Feb this link gets 2000 clicks and lets estimate the price is $5000, that would mean this advertising campaign is costing Zoosk about $2.5 per click – which may well indeed be comparable for the dating niche on Facebook and Google PPC programs.

Another question would be – how many impressions will this add receive? I would think a huge number.

Following on from that – what is the Click through Ratio (CTR)?


Another interesting aspect when analysing the link is that a majority of the clicks have come from the USA, UK, Canada or Australia – so it looks Twitter is Geo-targeting country specific users for their ad products, as per advertiser requests.

Do anyone have info or rough pricing for Promoted Tweets (or any of the other Twitter advertising products) ? Would a Pay-Per-Click model better suit Twitter advertising?

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