Easter Eggs, Rabbits and Social Media – The Easter long weekend and your business

There are many reasons to love Easter. The chocolate, the time off work, oh and of course the many religious reasons! It’s always great to get a couple days off to spend with your friends or family, or even work the entire time and get paid 500 times your normal wage. However, there’s one thing you should always remember, you never get a holiday online. Fortunately, we don’t see Facebook and Twitter powering down for the day, rather, millions of people update their online friends about their holiday movements. From, “Thanks to the Easter Bunny for the great gifts”, to “I’m SO full, shouldn’t have eaten so much at lunch!!!”. So don’t let the holiday pass your business by stay active!

You may be reading this, (of course I am presuming more people than just me will be reading this) wishing you got a break, but come on, is it really that hard these days? With virtually every social media platform fully accessible from any phone, excluding those holding onto their Nokia 3315’s as if they’re coming back, ever. You can stay up to date with your posts and comments right from your Easter BBQ! Now I’m sure this article has opened the door to my favourite group of people who complain that Social Media is ruining our lives 1 tweet at a time, but seriously. I get that it’s lovely to sit at the lunch/dinner table and be completely devoted to what’s happening, but is the 5 minutes it takes to touch base with your online community really going to summon a wrath only trumped by 2012? Not to mention of course that the meal you’re eating was probably paid for by the customers you’re connecting with!

I know that I went on in my last article, there I go again presuming you’ve read that either, about integrating your business and your online profile more extensively but Easter is a great time! If you are a service-based business, like a restaurant, Easter drives a whole new client base in your doors. You may be serving people who’ve never been into your restaurant before, and these people, with a little encouragement, will likely ‘Check-in’ and follow your business pages online. Holidays are exclusive in this regard. No other time of year drives a mass of people into certain types of businesses like Easter and Christmas. So for my own piece of mind, please use that to your advantage! While you have them there, suggest they find you on Facebook or Twitter, or maybe even check out your weekly recipe tips online at Youtube. It isn’t that hard, it’s certainly easier than reading this article.

Hopefully I haven’t ruined your Easter long weekend, or if you’re reading this on Wednesday and failed to do any of the above, don’t worry Christmas is just around the corner, or at least that’s what my local department store said. Take every opportunity you have to increase your followers online. It’s far easier to get an active customer to come back as opposed to getting brand new customers in the door! If you’ve taken the time to establish yourself online then stay connected! (This last bit may not be prudent for all business, such as HIH)

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