Enough Is Enough – UK Boxer Tracks Down Twitter Troll

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A cocky twitter troll has had a surprise visit from UK footballer turned boxer, Curtis Woodhouse, after the user, @Jimmyob88 reportedly verbally abused him over the loss of his English light welterweight crown.

After being publically called a “complete disgrace” and “laughable joke”, Woodhouse decided to make the consequences of the trolls actions hit hard, offering a reward to anybody who could provide him with the real life name and location of the troll.

“I’ll give £1000 to anybody that provides me with address and picture of this man! Knock, knock!!”

On March 11 he tweeted “just on my way to Sheffield to have a little chat with a old friend, get the kettle on @jimmyob88 #boxing #football #sillysillyboy“.

After tweeting an image of @Jimmyob88’s street sign, Woodhouse received a tweet from the troll telling him he was joking the whole time.


“I was only joking about Didn’t think you would be bothered thought you would take them as a joke”  @Jimmyob88 wrote.

It is reported that Woodhouse found his way to @Jimmyob88’s residence, however no one answered the door so he went home.

“..maybe a bit daft what I did today but sometimes enough is enough” he later tweeted, before cracking a joke with:

“Just found out you can block people. Could have let me know earlier, I could have saved 20 quid in petrol”.

Now dubbed the troll hunter, Woodhouse is clearly proud of his conflict resolution efforts, as on the opening page of his twitter features the following introduction:

“Former pro footballer retired at 26 to try my luck in the boxing ring, in my spare time i get in my car and track down trolls!”

Woodhouse is also being tagged as the Liam Neeson (Taken) of twitter, trending #iwillfindyou and just for good measure, #jimmybrownpants

@Jimmyob88 “The Master” has deleted all twitter activity up until late February this year.


Curtis Woodhouse met with twitter abuser, identified as James O’Brien on UK early morning news programme, Daybreak earlier today.

“I could have just blocked it, but I don’t think the onus is on me. The onus is on the person who’s sending the abuse out”

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