Facebook major changes at F8 [VIDEO]

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So we know Facebook have recently revamped the news feed with top stores, friends lists and the real-time updating in the top right of your home screen (this feature is called ticker)

Mark Zuckerberg has said Facebook has attracted the users – there are now over 800 million members.

Now Facebook is looking to drive further user engagement with a number of new innovative products.

So what are these major new products Facebook is launching?


Timeline is the story of your life – all your stories, all your apps – a new way to express who you are. The new layout lets you view status updates, photos etc from a particular year – in a very neat layout.

From initial looks at Facebook’s presentation, this is a fantastic way to show all your Facebook content right from when you first signed up. Mark also showed this product is fully compatible on mobile devices.

This is a snippet of how the timeline looks:

facebook timeline

You can also sort your timeline by particular content, eg just photos, or check-in’s – showing you a worldmap and where you’ve been – very cool in my opinion.

As a result of the new display of your data, a number of new apps are coming and Facebook is allowing whole new classes of applications to be built, such as Media (music, books, video, tv, news) and Lifestyle Apps (cooking, eating, fashion, sleeping, exercise etc).

Facebook has done social networking, they are now moving to social reviews (restaurants etc), music, movies, video and more – they want everything social and I think they have done a great job neatly integration a number of new applications.

For example with the new music sharing service – you and your friend can listen to the same song whilst you are both on Facebook, then chat with each-other at the same time. Great involvement.

Mark also announced Facebook has created a web record attracting over 500 million people to their site on a single day. No other website has done this bar search engine Google.

You can watch Mark’s speech at the F8 conference below (well worth it).

In my opinion, the war against Google Plus is well and truly set now. What Facebook showed today isn’t a reaction to Google Plus, they have been building these products over the past year. What Facebook has done today really sets the company in such a unique position, and moves them to another level in my view, way ahead of the rest – great work Facebook.

FYI – you can see more about Facebook Timeline product at this page:

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