Facebook looking to move into China?

on December 21, 2010 | Facebook | Comments (1)

At the moment Facebook is blocked in China – thanks to the great firewall of China.

Facebook is looking to soon push north of 600 million users. Many western internet companies have failed to capture the Chinese internet market – mainly for 2 reasons.

1. Government intervention/ policies
2. The western companies do not understand the Chinese market as well as they think they do.

Mark Zuckerberg has gone to China to meet Robin Li, CEO of the largest search engine in China –

Maybe Mark is now looking to enter the Chinese market and no doubt Baidu can assist in making this happen. Facebook will still have to abide by strict Chinese government rules, and may need to even alter the site for Chinese users – however China does represent a huge untapped market for Facebook and no doubt something they are looking to capture.

It will be interest to see if anything unfolds over 2011 between Facebook and Baidu.

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  • Raj – Melbourne, Aus

    Wow! This is really amazing and I am sure there seems to be a bigger purpose to his China visit. If facebook is going to make a good deal with China, then facebook wil definitely hit 1 billion users with not much efforts! What do you think?