Gangnam Style Becomes First Video to Reach One Billion Views on Youtube

on December 27, 2012 | Youtube | Comments (0)

Rolling Stone’s “Seoul Brother Number 1”, South Korean Pop artist, Psy and his official Gangnam Style video have reached over 1 billion views on Youtube, becoming the first clip to break into a recorded ten digit viewing.

The film clip became almost an immediate worldwide phenomenon, rocketing Psy into his international career since its release online in July 2012.

The entertaining video features a cameo performance by solo artist Kim Huyna (also known as a former member of K-Pop group 4minute); TV personality and comedian, Yoo Jae-Suk as a dance extraordinaire in a yellow suit; and entertainer Noh Hong-cheol, who you might know as the crotch thrusting cowboy in the elevator.

The popularity of the clip may be due to the exquisite creativity used by Psy and his team, incorporating his new found signature “horse dance”, borderline outrageous scenes (many of which were improvised) and even an explosion, which he says is “kind of like a trademark of me in Korea”.

Sharing his enthusiasm for the achievement on twitter, Psy tweeted: “Finally becoming BillionStyle”.

In a message to the UK BBC, Psy said “this was momentum of my entire whole life with Gangnam Style”, and shared his hope for another hit single to be released in 2013.

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