Google Creates Google+ Sign-In To Compete With Facebook Connect

on February 28, 2013 | Google Plus | Comments (0)

Google is creating their own ‘Sign in with Google+’ button to compete with Facebook Connect, which is deeply integrated across tens of millions of websites around the world.

Google Plus actually launched almost one and a half years ago – so I’m a little surprised to see it has taken them this long to create a sign-in feature like Facebook or Twitter Connect.

Google has teamed up with social photo sharing webstore, The Fancy and put together this promotional video showing off the new functionality:

The one benefit of the Google Plus sign-in function is that the sharing capabilities are a little more granular than Facebook, ie you can share with your work colleagues, or family, or friends, or a specific Google Plus list.

However the problem I have, in a general statement, is that no one I know really uses Google Plus much in Australia – so there goes that idea.

Facebook has always had rather good developer relations, Twitter not so much at all after the stringent API limits, maybe this is Google’s chance to get in good with developers and broaden their social audience.

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