Google launches Plus 1 (+1) Social Sharing Button

on June 2, 2011 | Google | Comments (0)

Google has now launched their Plus One (+1) Social Sharing Button, and they say this is a way for users to rate a piece of web content as ‘cool’.

This will enable users with a Google Account to +1 websites and content they like, which is then broadcasted to their Google Contacts and other people on the web.

Whenever someone +1’s a webpage, apparently Google will then go crawl the page.

This could be handy for a SEO purpose – if you have a page getting lots of +1’s then a lot of Google crawling! But I guess if you are already that popular you will be getting the attention.

If you would like to add the +1 button to your website, you can simply insert the following code wherever you want to display the +1 button:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

No doubt WordPress developers will in due course create plugins that incorporate this code in an easy manner. Till them this simple code snippet will do the job.

I have added the Google +1 button in the side bar –> Please +1 me! 🙂

EDIT: as per the Social Media Share buttons at the top and bottom of this post, WordPress developers have been quick to add the Google +1 button update to their plugins!

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