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on January 11, 2012 | Google SEO | Comments (2)

Over the second half of 2011, Google rolled out many Panda updates to their search algorithms – dramatically changing the search engine rankings for many web sites around the world.

Google Panda was aimed at removing the prominence of low quality websites from Google search.

In conjunction with traditional SEO metrics, Google is now looking at a number of new areas when determining the quality of your website.

Have a look at the following SEO considerations specific to Panda:

1. Social Media now plays an important step in achieving good SEO for your website. Getting your article mass ReTweeted alone can give you a high Google ranking. Just like links are votes to Google that your site is quality, mass social sharing of your content is another indicator to Google that you have quality Google Pandacontent that people want to share.

2. Engagement is important to Google, so how long people are spending on your site and the bounce rate is now becoming more and more important. If you have a high bounce rate, add in some ‘call to action’ prompts on your site to get users clicking around.

3. Website Design is now being used by Google as another SEO measurement. If you have too many ads above the fold, or pages don’t have much content – there is a good chance this will impact your SEO.

So what should you be doing from here:

1. Continue to get quality sites linking into you, this will always help strengthen your SEO.

2. Place a similar level of importance on getting your content mass shared on social media sites.

3. Create new call to action areas on your site to encourage your website visitors to click around more, view more content and lower you bounce rate.

4. Reconsider your website design and carefully analyse what content is shown above the fold. Above the fold means the part of the webpage that is shown to the user before they scroll down.

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