Google Plus hits 2.2 Million Australian Users

on April 13, 2012 | Google Plus | Comments (0)

According to recent numbers by Google, their social network Google+ has now reached 170 million users globally. This includes users on their social networking site as well as Google Account holders using the +1 button across various Google properties.

Yesterday Google also released a whole new design and look and feel to their social networking site, G+.

These recent numbers now bring us an updated number for Google Plus users in Australia. Seeing as everyone compares Google+ to Facebook, we will do the same.

According to Facebook’s IPO documentation, they have now reached 845 million users (active every month). Their self-serve advertising tool goes on to show there are 10,979,580 users in Australia.

Using this same ratio of international Google+ users to Australian users – we estimate there are now 2,208,909 Google Plus Users in Australia.

The real question is active users. Twitter has said they have 140 million active monthly users, there are estimates for LinkedIn around the 100 million range. How many monthly active users actually log into Google+? That is the real question.

Regardless this is a good number of users in Australia and we will continue to track progress.

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