Google Plus User Numbers Australia – September 2011

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We previously reported Australian Google Plus user numbers for August – and I’ve been keeping track of global stats going around.

Paul Allen has been analysing Google Plus user numbers since the launch of the site, and his recent analysis ( puts Google Plus at around 50 million users globally.

Now in my opinion the audience is still very much IT orientated. Of my 300+ Facebook friends, only 1 or 2 have gone to Google Plus (because they like me work in the IT space).

However we will treat Google Plus just like Facebook. Facebook recently reported over 800 million members at their F8 Conference.

My Estimation for Australian Google Plus users – September 2011

According to, Australia has 1.43% of the global Facebook population.

Therefore 1.43% of 50 million Google +ers = 715,000 Australian’s on Google Plus. However Google doesn’t allow people under 18, whereas Facebook does. 13% of Australian Facebook users are under 18 years of age – so we need to minus 13% off the Google Plus Australian numbers, which is 92,950.

(715,000 – 92,950)
This takes Google Plus user numbers in Australia to 622,050*

* again, this is my estimation. Do you agree?

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