Google Reveals A Bunch Of New Products And Updates At Their I/O Developers Conference

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Google CEO - Larry Page. Image via YouTube live feed

Google CEO – Larry Page. Image via YouTube live feed

Google held their annual I/O Developers Conference today where a bunch of new products and features have been announced by Google.

Google CEO Larry Page has been unwell lately (losing this voice) and it did look a little uncomfortable for him – but he did take the stage to give his overall thoughts about the technology industry and even held a Q&A session with the audience. It was great to hear Larry’s latest insights.

Larry went on to say he was ‘sad’ that the technology and internet industries are not advancing as fast as he would like. He singled out Microsoft and they are not particularly helpful or positive in their dealings with Google.

Google made a number of another announcements and product updates, including a new Google Maps Interface, a Spotify competitor called Google Music All Access and plenty more.

Here is a recap of all the new announcements from Google’s 2013 I/O Developers Conference:

  • Google announced there have now been 900 Million Android devices activated
  • Upgrade to Google Play to have better support for Games
  • Google officially unveiled their Spotify competitor - Google Music All Access
  • Google Maps on Desktop and Mobile given a whole new, simple and flat interface
  • Google + Social Network redesign. Focuses on the stream, hangouts, and photos. Google has made their hangouts product a totally stand alone app on Android and iOS
  • The Release of a ‘Google only’ Samsung Galaxy S4 phone (removes all the Samsung software addons)
  • Google Now (Siri Competitor) has been upgraded and works on desktop machines with Google Chrome Browser

An interesting point raised in question time was Google’s relationship with Oracle. Google’s Android operating system is underpinned by Java technologies, and Java is owned and controlled by Oracle. The 2 companies have been to court over numerous issues whereby Oracle claimed Google infringed on Java’s API and the Android operating system. The case was thrown out in court and Oracle then filed an appeal  Larry is certain the problems will eventually be resolved. But overall it is no an ideal situation for Google to be in.

Overall today there wasn’t a focus on big changes or new products, Larry Page really showed a humble approach and how he thinks technology leaders need to be more positive and caring with their work – rather than the general negative and aggressive actions we are seeing.

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