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on July 19, 2011 | Google + | Comments (1)

I’ve been on Google+ for around an hour and am already contemplating crossing over from Facebook, Skype and Twitter permanently.

Unlike Facebook, Google+ makes it easier for you to share the information you want to share, with the people you want to share it with. ‘Circles’ (or in Facebook terms, Groups) allows you to straightforwardly categorise the people in your life, in a much more efficient and user friendly way than Facebook does. So, in other words, you can still post up those boozed up Friday night shots and have a laugh over them with your mates, without it coming up at the next family reunion.

Furthermore, Google+ already offers video integration which means you don’t have to switch from site to site or from internet browser to program in order to have a video chat with family or friends. In fact, using the ‘Hangout’ feature on Google+ means that you can conference call up to 10 people.

In the same breath, Google+ offers ‘Sparks’ which allows you to get a constant feed of information you’re interested in and makes it easier to share with those in your circles.

Although most social networking pundits have labeled Google+ the competitor to Facebook, I’m not pleased with this alone. I see it as the complete package, also taking on other social sharing platforms such as Skype and Twitter

(however, if your main use for Twitter is stalking your favorite celebs, I’d say you better stay where you are).

The only downside to Google+ at the moment is its exclusivity, which means that for those of us already on the site, it’s like riding on the seesaw alone, until the masses come, it won’t be much fun.

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