Google SEO Overview

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So you want to rank high in Google but don’t want to sift through countless articles on Google SEO, or pay someone to do the work for you.

No worries, we will give you an overview of how any small business can work on their Google ranking and aiming for page 1.

It’s firstly important to understand how much competition you have.

Eg, say you are a florist in Sydney, how would people find you on Google, what would they type?

maybe: ‘buy flowers sydney’ or ‘sydney florist’

Before you start with SEO look at your competition, how much there is, and review their webpages and see if you can pick up any ideas from them.

1. Select the right keywords

What are the main keywords people use to find your business in search?

Can you:

  • get these keywords in your domain URL
  • write articles with these keywords
  • get links from websites with these keywords?

Can you do all of these?

2. Work hard on producing quality, unique content

To rank well in search your will need unique, quality articles with your selected keywords.

If you can produce such articles consistently this will give you an edge over your competitors, who are less likely to update frequently.

3. Focus on the local area

If you are a physical business then Google Places is a must.

Make sure you include location keywords on your pages, and submit your website to local web directories.

4. Use Social Media

Don’t just rely on Google Search to bring in your traffic. Use Facebook and Twitter as well to connect with your local community.

In fact if you have success in social media (eg lots of your articles are re-tweeted) then Google can pick this up and it will greatly improve your search engine ranking.

5. Get Quality Backlinks

If you get a backlink from another quality site this is kind of telling Google you have just been endorsed.

If you get lots of links from other similar sites then Google will see this and move you up the rankings.

But in reality your competitors are not going to link to you. But maybe you have friends and other business acquaintances who can give you a link.

Link Building is very important for SEO. Every time you get a quality link think of this as adding $50 value to your website.

Can you produce interesting content that will entice people to link to you? Pictures, videos, infographics etc.

Link Building is obviously the hardest area to achieve here, but will bring the greatest results.


Aim hard to excel in all 5 of these areas and if successful you will see a great increase in your website visitors from Google. In fact some businesses have made huge money from Google SEO alone, but you already knew that.

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