Has Social Media totally taken over our way of life?

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Hands up if you think Social Media has totally taken over our way of life?

There is a tool for almost everything out there. An awesome example is shown below that my friend posted:

social media explained

It rings true… for me anyway.  It seems that people display and communicate their every move through the use of Social Media. It has become a staple ingredient to a fulfilling day – To have people know what you have been up to and to get an update of what others have been up to.

I am totally a ‘FB’ devotee. I am constantly pressing the refresh button, at work/home/out-and-about, and on my iPhone, and get excited when my posts/statuses/pics are “Liked”. It’s like junk food to me. I feel guilty spending so much time on it, but it has a moreish flavour I just can’t refuse. It’s like a friend’s status update read, “Facebook is like a fridge. I know there’s nothing inside, but I still check them every 5 mins”; In my case every 2 minutes. The funny thing is that I searched the quote to see exactly what she wrote and there are 24 dedicated “Facebook is like a fridge…” groups created Just for Fun.

So do you think we rely on being part of society through these mediums? Near-gone are the days of emails, let along sending letters.

I lost my iPhone a few months back and had to revert to an older Nokia phone. Depression set in and I felt a disconnect to society and friends. Admittedly I got used to the old functionality again but the camera was absolutely low grade compared to my beloved iPhone. I was getting angry at my husband for not having his iPhone on hand to take ready shots of our Puppy, Sanchez, when he was being cute; which to me was every minute. As well as being deprived of the camera function and quick uploads to Facebook and Instagram; I had to forfeit my successful accomplishments in Bejeweled, Words With Friends, and Hanging With Friends.

When technology and social media is moving so fast forward, how do you adapt by taking such a massive step back?? So once I eventually got a new iPhone, my respirator was switched back on. I felt mentally healthy again – less stressed, and resentful. What a wonderment this attachment to social media is. This is coming from a 30-something female that has grown up with major technological change throughout her lifetime. No we didn’t use chalk-boards as notebooks when I was at school, we used MS-Dos to search things like, names of the Convicts on the First Fleet and what crimes they committed to be sent to Australia. Now there is a plethora of information out there that, to be honest, I can’t keep track of.

One of my friends has vehemently refused to create a profile on Facebook, yet gets annoyed when he doesn’t receive invitations to events. But It’s our one-stop-shop to keeping connected I say! Sending out a separate email seems too time-consuming. Sad really. We don’t seem to make the effort anymore.

Admittedly Facebook and iPhones Apps still take the cake for me.

What are your favourite social media tools? Any not-so-known tools out there you can recommend checking out to occupy Ones’ devotion for all things Social Media?

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