How big sites overtake Digg and make it less useful

digg Digg recently relaunched its new version and became a RSS driven site from a fully interactive user controlled site. This new version of Digg got very negative response from its users and also it is no longer a site where users come to find new content on the web that is useful for them instead it is a now a site that we can compare to a RSS feed reader. From past few days Digg is overtaken by big news sites and there is nothing new there that we can’t find in our RSS feed reader. This update has made Digg a useless site. Read out more to find some interesting facts about this new version.

How this new version made Digg useless?

In this new version, people at Digg completely changed the reason for which this site was used. People were using Digg to find new content on the web and find interesting news or get useful links that are useful for them. Digg was a fully user controlled site where users were responsible for anything appearing to the front page. The Digg front page was really a great piece of useful information. Now Digg is controlled by big news sites due to their large follower strength. The new Digg has option of letting site owners auto submit their new posts to Digg that comes on homepage of their followers. So more the number of followers, more are chances to get on front page.  This makes Digg similar to a RSS feed reader, we can’t find anything new there.

Digg Controlled by Popular Sites - Reddit and more

So, What can Digg do now?

Digg needs to do some changes in how new content is submitted to the Digg and how any link becomes popular on Digg. The previous version was also controlled by Digg power users but this new version gets worse. Digg needs to do some improvements and give power back to users and make a balance between power of users and sites. This can only save Digg from failing in front of its competitors such as Reddit which have already overtaken the front page of Digg.

What do you think?

Give your views about new version of Digg. Do you like it or not and what do you think Digg needs to do to make it better or at least like the old version?

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