How to Force the Facebook Desktop Site on iPhone Devices

on October 1, 2021 | Facebook | Comments (0)

Want to check your Facebook Messages on your phone but don’t want to download the Messenger App?

Many pople may just be the occassional Facebook user and don’t want to download every Facebook app there is. Some people may worry Facebook is ‘tracking them too much’ and prefer not install the Facebook apps on their phone.

The problem is when you use your iPhone or iPad and goto the Facebook site, you are always redirected to the mobile version of the site and there is no way around it.

Even in Safari you can toggle to view the ‘Desktop’ version of the site, however you are still presented the Facebook Mobile site and when you click on your Messages you are prompted to download the Messenger App.

What if you don’t want to download all the Facebook apps just to check your messages once in awhile.

Well there is another app that can help you get around all of this and view the Facebook Desktop site from your mobile/ iPhone/ iPad/ Android devices etc.

It is the Opera Brower app –

Whilst you do need to download an additional app, you will be able to bypass all the Facebook apps and view the Facebook Desktop and Facebook Messenger via the web browser on your iPhone/ iPad/ Android device etc.

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