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In the world of social media marketing we are always looking for new ways to get eyesballs and traffic to our websites.

Weather you are looking to sell a particular product, or just website advertising the more traffic, the more money you will make.

Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious are all still highly trafficed sites and if you go viral on one of these you could receive an enormous amount of traffic.

Obviously make sure your webhost will be able to handle such a smashing if you do go viral. Some websites have received anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000+ hits per day from being on the front page of Digg. If you are on a WordPress blog then a HTML caching plugin is a must.

Today we will talk about some tips that may help you get your site Dugg on in the hope you make it to their front page.

1. Build up your Digg Friends Network

On Digg there are a lot of users who follow eachother and religiously digg eachothers stories.

If you can get 100 friends who will do this, then you are in a much better position to get the initial momentum for getting dugg.

Make sure you Digg every article your friends post, do this for a good month before even trying to get them to Digg your content.

2. Make a really interesting title for your story

Even if your particular article isn’t that interesting, make sure the title really stands out and invites curiosity. Even if people don’t digg you they may still click through to your site and check out your boring article.

Also include a captivating picture if possible on the story you are submitting. Most of the content on page 1 of Digg has a picture.

3. Digg Button

Make sure if people visit your site/ blog or particular article you are promoting that you have a Digg button so they can easily submit your story – don’t make it hard for them.

4. Call on your Network

When it is time, call on your friends and network to Digg your article. If you can create some sort of Digg email list where you all help eachother out – well that would be handy wouldn’t it.

5. Monitor other Front page stories

Look at what else is getting onto the front page. Do you have something similar? Can you improve on what is being done and create even more inviting content?

6. Fill out your Digg Profile

Make sure your Digg profile is filled out properly and with as much detail as possible. You need to come across to other users as a proficient user and not just some spammer looking for traffic.

Also make sure you have an appropriate image assigned to your profile/ stories.

7. Time of Submission

Submit your story to Digg either early in the morning or late at night – USA time! Users who want to check out the previous 24 hours of news will then be able to find your submission.

If you do it during the day it will be lost amongst the heap of other content going up. As we are in Australia the time difference can work in our favour. I would really go for early morning Digg submissions when people are getting into work, 9-10am.


What you need to understand is a lot of people everyday are trying to get their content on page 1 of Digg. So you need to really create awesome viral content that sparks user interest, so much so that those users will want to share it.

Getting Dugg onto the front page of Digg is seriously an cool thing in the Social Media world. It can lead to other people sharing your content on their own site, which results in lots of new incoming links and SEO love from the search engines.

As you can see there is potential a huge amount of work required to get all this Digging to work in your favour. But as you can see the rewards can be vast.

I am now embarking on my own longer term Digg project to really maximise social media traffic generation. As such, I need lots of friends and followers on my Digg network, feel free to add me:

I will gladly add you back and Digg your content.

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