How To Make Your iOS7 Device Last Almost 1 Week Without Charging

on December 16, 2013 | iPhone | Comments (0)

Many people have reported that the new iPhone software is helping conserve battery life, others say it is draining faster than ever.

Leading a busy life means you often can’t rely on having a charger close by, and when your battery is running low it can impact your daily workflow. Trying to conserve battery so you can last through the day? This is now how smartphones were ‘designed’ to be used.

However when Apple upgraded users to iOS7 several 3rd party charges stopped working. Apply was cracking down on unofficial products that may charge your phone too quickly and reduce overall battery life. This meant many charging products previously purchased stopped working when users upgraded to iOS7.

The good people at MobileZap have a range of iPhone 5/S Cases that are compatible with Apple’s latest software, allowing you to keep productivity to the max.

elecch1Today I’m going to review the Dexim XPowerSkin for iPhone 5/S. This is a slim cases but holds up to a 2000mAh charge, allowing you to charge recharge your iPhone twice without having to find a wall socket power source. From my tests with a full iPhone battery and fully charged case battery, I got almost 1 week without having to find a wall socket.

It sure makes a good tool for business trips, holidays and just the general peace of mind you don’t have to run around with USB cables and chargers to keep going.

The case itself charges via a simple USB charger – although not identical to an iPhone 5 charger plug. You can of course use the iPhone socket or your computer to charge the case.

elecch2The slim design and smart case design is particularly thin and less obtrusive than other cases I’ve used.

The case has 4 LED indicators to let you know how much charge is remaining and will remain lit when the case is charging your phone.

The product manufacturer also goes as far as saying the case is official licenses by Apple, so you can be assured it meets their charging specification and will work across their varying software releases.

Of course the case itself is sturdy and will further protect your iPhone from everyday use and wear and tear.

For just over $100 this is certainly a product worth checking out for those savvy business professionals and people who are heavy phone users.

This case is compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5S. Check it out here.

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