Instagram Launches Fast Direct Messaging Photo App – Bolt

on August 9, 2014 | Instagram | Comments (1)


Instagram’s new direct messaging photo app called Bolt is now available in Australia.

Bolt lets you shoot and send photos to your best friends with one tap. Send both photos and videos as fast as you see them. Bolt is the latest app from the team that brought you Instagram.

Keep up with your closest friends so that they can see the world through your eyes. Add up to 20 Favourites from your phone’s contacts and swap unedited photos and videos. Swipe them away and they’re gone. Send photos and videos to one person at a time to keep your conversations personal. One tap will take and send your photo. It’s insanely simple, extremely fast photo messaging – maybe too fast?


  • One tap takes a photo or records a video. As soon as you lift your finger, it sends.
  • Photos and videos are always unedited so that people can see the world as you do.
  • Easily caption photos and videos.
  • Go back and forth by replying to your friends with text, photos or videos.
  • Swipe photos away and they’re gone.
  • Organise your 20 Favourites in whatever order works for you.
  • Sign up with your phone number – no email address needed.

With Facebook shutting down their Snapchat competing app Poke, it seems they are trying another approach again – this time using Instagram as the focus.

Will this entice people to use Bolt over Snapchat? No it won’t, but it may be a nice additional service for Instagram users. Like Facebook normally testing new features, this app was first rolled out to New Zealand to gauge initial response.

This app is available for download on Apple and Android devices.

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