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on October 17, 2011 | Apple iPad iPhone | Comments (0)

Social Media Friends,

iOS5 is now out and hopefully many of you have made the upgrade. In my opinion this update has a number of great new features, iCloud, iMessages – I could go on but today I want to talk about a new application called Find My Friends.

This is an application that lets you physically locate where your friends are, via the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch GPS location feature.

You simply add your friends in the application by their AppleID, and assuming they accept your friend request you will then be able to locate them anytime you want. Even when they phone is simply sitting at idle (however obviously when the device is turned off, or location features disabled it won’t work).

This is stalker-ish – sure. But also a lot of fun in my opinion. Many have said this is the prime app for a wife to catch her cheating husband, but I think it’s also just fun to check out where your friends/colleagues/ industry folk are traveling.

I am an open person, through my blog I post up my contact details, and links to my social networking accounts (including Foursquare) – I am a visible face in find my friends ios5 applicationthe social media industry. It’s no secret I live in Surry Hills and work in Sydney CBD.

If you are of similar nature and I may know of you/your organisation – and you would like to connect with me on Find My Friends feel free to add me:

If you also use new iOS5 messenger application also feel free to add me on the above email address.

iTunes Link:

It feels to me very much like an extension of Foursquare. This app works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running iOS5.

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