Lots of Retweets equals SEO Gain for your website

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Search engine optimisation is a delicate task that requires a lot of time and effort in order to achieve success. Since search engine optimisation is responsible for most of the traffic generated by a website, it is advisable to use every trick in the book, but carefully. One of the best tricks that website owners can use these days is the social media network known as Twitter.

I don’t think I need to go into much detail – we know Twitter is a social media network through which individuals post short messages which can be viewed by all their followers. Tweeting is already a great internet marketing and SEO strategy in itself. This is because one can use a tweet to build a link back to their site. A backlink is an SEO strategy which ensures that as many websites outside your own are talking about your website. In this way, the importance of your website is increased, and this will ensure that search engines smile on your page.

Posting meaningful tweets that give details about your products or services, and then posting a link back to your website can help you to generate traffic to your website. However, unlike other Search Engine Optimisation strategies, it gets simpler from here. If your posts are interesting and meaningful, your followers can choose to retweet them. Retweeting involves taking somebody else’s tweet and reposting it on your own page so that your followers can view it. If a post is retweeted, a link to your website is distributed to people you do not know and this can be equated to viral networking. If one person likes your website, which they accessed through a link on your tweet, they will tell other people about it so that they too can visit your website.

ReTweets are a ‘Vote’ for your content 

Retweeting does help to generate traffic, but better still, it helps in improving your website’s ranking. This is because search engines love backlinks and the crawlers will always settle on your website and rank it highly because of the many one-way inbound links. Even in the case of Twitter where the link is ‘nofollow’ Google still looks at each ReTweet as a ‘vote’ for that piece of content. Lots of retweets alone can shoot you up the Search Engine Rankings. Therefore, as an SEO strategy, you should ensure that you attract as many retweets as possible.

Post Relevant Content for the Right Audience 

Achieving this is very easy, and one simply has to put their mind and effort into the task. For starters, you should ensure that your tweets, like any web content, are relevant and meaningful. This is because you would like to generate relevant traffic that will ultimately result in conversions. Therefore, people should read your tweet and like what it says. Your tweet should encourage them to click on the URL so that they can find something even more useful in your website. Once they like your tweet and your website, they will want to share the information with their friends and followers.

Keep it Short 

Apart from making the tweet meaningful, you should also make it interesting. Tweets are very short, and one has very little word space to create an impression. Therefore, you should be very creative in order to ensure that you capture the attention of the reader immediately. This is the only way you will manage to convince them to access your website through your link.

Ensure that your tweet is clear in order to give people an idea of what they are clicking. This will help to add value to your tweet and increase the likelihood of twitter users clicking on your link. Another very important tip is to realize that social media involves people, and in order to get people to retweet your post or to click your link, you must interact with them and be engaging in your conversations. This will not only help you to generate traffic back to your website, it will also help you to build a solid following on Twitter that will be able to view, and possibly, retweet future posts.

Social media is a great marketing tool which can result in a lot of profit if used as a Search Engine Optimisation tool. A lot of SEO companies have realized that Twitter is a cash cow, and they have come out in droves to milk it dry. Such companies offer retweeting services to clients in order to ensure that there are as many backlinks as possible through twitter. However, it is important to know that if the link is not accompanied by a relevant post, posted on a poor quality account, and if your website does not have relevant content, the retweet will not be helpful. Therefore, use the little bird to sing praises about your website and watch as the numbers and the traffic increase.

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