Money Blogging: Tips to get approved by BuySellAds Network

A great way for Bloggers and Publishers to make money, is from Ad Sales Platform –

BuySellAds is an online marketplace for buying and selling Website Advertising. Usually this is in image display advertising but there is also the option for text based ads. The most popular image display ads purchased and sold are 125×125 banner ads.

Using such services is a targetted way to attract more visitors to your website. You are able to search for ad space on sites based on Category, eg Social Media, Blogs, Tech News, SEO websites etc. The site lets you pay and receive payment via Paypal, which makes transactions effortless.

However, BuySellAds is a closed system and you need to submit your site for Approval and see if you are excepted into their marketplace. This is in an effort to create a market place with valuable, money generating websites. If you have low traffic, nd poor quality content your site probably won’t be accecpted.

Here are some tips to help get Approved into the BuySellAds market place:

– They are looking for websites in the technology/ social media/ web design / IT space. You may get rejected if your site does not fall into these categories
– Generally you will need around 100,000 websites impressions or greater per month
– Your website needs to be complete and operational with fresh content
– No adult of illegal related material
– Site must be designed for English Language readers
– You need to be operating on your own domain
– If your website has high Page Rank this will bring increased credibility

Basically they are looking to keep a high quality network of advertisers and publishers.

As a result of recently signing up to BuySellAds, I am running a trial with them and have listed 2 x 125×125 image based ads for sale in the right ridebar of this site, for a considerable discount of $15 per month per ad.


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