New Social Network, Hula – Lets You Share Your STD Status Online

on February 19, 2014 | Adult Industry | Comments (0)

hula165A New Social Network called Hula (previously allows users to share some very personal information – their STD Status.

The website allows users to find their closest STD clinic, store their STD status in an online profile and only share the results with certain people or partners whom they grant access to.

To get started users sign up to the site by providing some basic personal information – like their name, age, phone number. Hula then creates a records request that electronically gets sent to your doctor. When the results come back, users are able to share a one-time use link with anyone they want. The site shares results for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis C antibody, as well as the HPV and hepatitis A vaccines, but does not include HPV and herpes status.

Here is an example of a Hula website profile:

Whilst this may only appeal to such a niche audience, I am surprised something like this hasn’t really taken off sooner.

Hula also has an iPhone application for displaying your results in person. So yes you really can say ‘there is an app for anything!’.

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