New Twitter Feature Lets You DM Users Who Don’t Follow You

on October 16, 2013 | Twitter | Comments (4)

new-twitter-blueIt seems Twitter has been rethinking the way users communicate on their site, particularly around their Direct Message (DM) feature.

Twitter has just made a change on the site that lets users enable an option to allow any Twitter user to send you a Direct Message, even if you are not following each-other.

This will be particularly helpful for brands and businesses who want to have private discussions with customers, but done so without having to follow each-other.

It will also allow businesses and brands to receive more private based feedback, which was previously not possible on Twitter.  You can think of this feature like Facebook’s Message Button for Fanpage administrators. In both cases on Facebook and Twitter this functionality is optional.

To enable this option, goto your Twitter setting page: and enable the following checkbox:

twitterdmfeatureI hope in-conjunction with this update that Twitter is also cracking down on DM spam, which has been rather high lately.

I have enabled this feature myself just to see what happens.

Is this is feature you would use for your business or personal account?

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